Explore Groups

Students have opportunities to join 4-6 week Explore Groups. Below are some of the groups going on right now:

  • Conversation Corner: Grow in your ability to express yourself freely in English at a  conversation corner. We will discuss various topics, learn some American slang, and have fun getting to know each other. (3-5 students meeting for 4 consecutive weeks facilitated by  an American)
  • Baking Group: Join us each week to learn new baking recipes, and, better yet, taste them!
  • American Sports Group: Come learn about some American sports. We will attend a youth/high school football game, play a round of Frisbee Golf and possibly fish on Lake Travis.
  • Service/Charity Group: Volunteer with several charities and organizations in Austin in the next couple of months. Some volunteer work may include: the Austin Food Bank, the Austin Pregnancy Research Center, Pajama Program, volunteering with animals, etc.
  • Trailer/Parks: Austin is known for its outdoor activities and food that is served from trailers. We’ll explore them together! It should be tasty and adventurous!

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